Refund Policy

We have clear refund policy. If you have doubts contact us and clarify before signing in the contract.

100% Refund:

  • For Logo and web design packages we offer 100% refund if you are not satisfied with our deliverables
  • If you sign up for a web design plan and if we feel that we can’t do the project for you at that moment then we’ll issue 100% refund
  • If we didn’t schedule your project within the agreed period, we offer 100% refund .

All refunds will be made within 2 working days through the same means of payments made.


Partial Refund:

Due to nature of our business we don’t offer 100% refund or money back for some of our services like custom web development. We offer partial refunds after adjusting the work done. If you don’t want to continue with our service, then you may cancel your service by sending us an Email. Once you cancel the work, your money will be calculated based on the services already executed and delivered (Eg. If 30 days of work out of 100 days are already done, then we will send the remaining 70% of the payments will be made). The deliverables would be the source files as well as related database, diagrams and your documents. We’ll issue 100% refund within 2 working days through the same means of payments made.


No refunds:

As per our SEO contract we do not refund for initial SEO setup or Link building, since SEO process and deliverables are irreversible. We also do not refund domain name registrations done through us, since no registration provides such as Godaddy etc will nor refund us.