HOW IS THE WORKFLOW FOR WEBsite design and development?


There are many who wonder what to expect as a customer when you should have created a new web design. Following mentioned are the few steps that we generally followed while designing and developing a website.


To design and develop a website according to the wishes of the owner of the website, it is very imperative to gain insight into customer needs. You can almost not spend too much time trying to get an impression of the company, perhaps from the existing site, but otherwise by conversation and ask the customer. A questionnaire is shared with the customer and he is requested to fill the necessary information. This helps us to gain an understanding of the type of website that customer wants, his preferences, target audience and other valuable information that helps Web designer to define the style for the new website. Sometimes the customer has clear idea and understanding of the things that he wants, in such a case we just do what our customers wants.


The customer and the company in tanks goes Web designer in the process of creating ideas and a framework for the website. The challenge is to create a design that is graphically attractive and modern. At the same time webdesign attract the customer audience and express your company’s values. It is not certain that the first few drafts leading to this, but after a few attempts have perhaps something can be worked on.

It is very different how Web designer claims this process depends. Some need to look around at other sites to be other inspiration. Some develop a very rough draft with few details, while others like myself prepare the final layout immediately. When the designer is satisfied with one or more proposals they will be displayed to the customer.


My own experience is that if you have done the preliminary work well, then hits you usually spot with its proposal and the customer can immediately quickly approve the proposal. Some times the customer wants other proposals or more adjustments. Once the customer has accepted the proposal, Web designer proceed to step 4


The graphic file from the proposal is broken up into smaller pieces to build it using HTML and CSS. It must be done correctly and thoroughly that it displays correctly in the browser. At the same time build Web designer it so it is optimized to be retrieved quickly by the user. There are many technical things to take into consideration, and it can often be a challenge associated with to view its layout as you wish.